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Factors in Choosing Window Treatments


A big part of interior design is choosing the right window treatment ideas for your house or office. Window blinds and curtains are used to create privacy for those inside while providing the appropriate amount of lighting. Many factors determine the type of window treatment you choose. The material of the curtains or window blinds and the room play a major role in the choice of window treatment. It is, however, important to note that your personal tastes and preferences are the major determinants.

One of the first things that an interior designer at will consider when selecting window treatments is how well they complement your other furnishings. The best window blinds or curtains are those that complement the construction materials and furnishings.


The purpose for which a room is intended will also determine the color, material and type window treatment to be used. For instance, rooms that require abundant lighting such as the study or the kitchen will do well with light colored curtains. Light colored curtains made of cotton, linen, net or polyester allow enough light into these rooms while still maintaining privacy. Light colored window blinds and shades can also be used in rooms that require abundant lighting. It is also important to choose curtains and blinds that stimulate and decorate the room. The use of different colors, material and printing designs can add to the decorative aspect of curtains and blinds. Rooms that require less lighting and more privacy, such as bedrooms, do better with heavy curtains or Roman blinds. These are able to block out all the light and offer total privacy to the occupants.


The material is also a major consideration in Blinds and Designs ideas. Wooden window blinds, for example, are suitable for most windows in the house. However, wood does not do well in areas with moisture and would therefore not be suitable for the bathroom or other wet rooms. Aluminium Venetian blinds or Ecowood blinds are suitable for bathrooms.


There are so many other factors that could influence the type of window treatment. Sometimes you might find it hard to choose the right window treatment without help. If you find difficulties choosing, talk to the design experts at Blinds and Designs for help. They will listen to your ideas and help you choose a window treatment that will work for you. Blinds and Designs are also dealers of Hunter Douglas products. Any time you are in need of blinds in Hendersonville, think of Blinds and Designs. Blinds and Designs are also your home for budget blinds, Asheville, and surrounding areas. Get more facts about window blinds at

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